Do you want to make a bear, but you think you can't do it?

Do you want to learn how to make a smaller bear after all those big bears you made?

Do you have some unfinished bears somewhere around in the closet. Bears without ears, eyes or nose?

I give workshops in making (mini) bears. You will learns how to make a bear, how you can alter a pattern and some other handiness. I don't have stricked dates when to give workshops. This is in consideration with the customer. Minimum is 2. The workshop ends when the bear is finished.

Workshop costs:

Big Bear inclusive material $ 100.00
Medium Bear inclusive material $ 87.00
Minibear inclusive material $ 72.50
Finishing bears 1 evening $ 18.50
Finishing bears 2 evenings $ 29.00

You can call me for questions or applications. (After 8.00 pm)

Natalie Pater
Email (
phone 0031 (0)342412040